Meet Packback

Life at Packback
is all about creativity, fun, and continual growth!

We are a vibrant community of friends, family members, and innovators dedicated to sparking curiosity in higher education.

Packback started out as a pay-per-use textbook rental company, under the name Packback Books (you may have even seen some of us on Shark Tank!). However, we soon realized that there was a much greater need in higher education — the need for a platform that encouraged genuine, self-motivated, student curiosity. Now, as Packback Questions, we are dedicated to helping students learn to ask better questions at a time when most of education (and AI research) is interested in giving people answers.

Our Teams

Direct to Professor Sales

Strategy consultants are musicians, football fantasy league coaches, former teachers, and even previous Packback student users. Our varied backgrounds are what help us make real, human connections when working with professors–and of course, set them and their students up for success on Packback!

Customer Success

Whether you need guidance on how to best utilize the platform, help resetting your password, or maybe just a great new Sourdough recipe, our Customer Success team is here to help. There is no question too big, problem too small, or conversation too off-topic for our team of beautiful, tropical fish.


Packback’s product team is in charge of figuring out how Packback can help awaken the curiosity in every student and professor. The engineering team executes on that vision to make a Packback a lovable, accessible experience–while also ensuring it remains safe, secure, and reliable. Also, they are funny and cool.


Everything that touches the internet is our domain. Our small-but-fierce team is dedicated to spreading the word about Packback through articles, social media, emails, and everything in-between.


Finance, Operations, and People Ops work to hold it all together. We ensure that the operations run smoothly, that our books are properly accounted for, and that we are put in a position to succeed in the future.

Enterprise Higher Education

It takes a village to raise a family, and it takes Enterprise to implement Packback at an institutional scale. We’re all about growing the company to have maximum reach and impact; all the while, still working 1:1 with professors and students to redefine curiosity in their curriculum.

Enterprise K-12

Enterprise K-12 strives to be Packback’s tour de force of new markets. Part Power Rangers, part Inspector Gadget, we are a small, resourceful team that turns every new challenge into an opportunity to explore a new approach to success, and help teachers drive student inquiry.