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Meet Our Ambassador: Jenna Baker

Jenna is a Pre-Pharmacy senior at University of Illinois at Chicago. Her goal is to serve as an accessible healthcare provider that can make patients feel cared for to the best of her ability. She said if she could change anything in the world, it would be to break down the barriers and have different groups of people interact with peace and love. If every person in the world could make their interactions with one another reflect positive feeling, we could better work together to solve any other problems we currently face.

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Curiosity in the Classroom – Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy

Class, memorize, exam, repeat.

Valuable education is about more than memorizing facts and data and passing exams. Students’ thinking is far greater than a GPA. Packback believes that curiosity has a place in every classroom.

One framework that encourages curiosity during the cognitive process is Bloom’s Taxonomy. Packback Questions is a student engagement platform that utilizes this framework to ensure higher levels of thinking that students may not otherwise have the time or confidence to explore within the classroom. Already sold and want to learn more about Packback Questions? Click here. Continue reading to learn more about encouraging high level thinking.

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Introducing the Packback Curiosity Scoring System

Designing an AI to grade for curiosity isn’t easy; psychologists have been trying to boil curiosity down to a definable metric for generations. At Packback, our research team has been working for the past year to develop an algorithm that measures quality of the posts on the Packback platform. While we’re not quite ready to announce that the Packback Curiosity Score is the definitive metric to objectively measure curiosity (that would be BIG news!)…we are very excited about the accuracy with which it can score effort, presentation, and credibility of every question and response on Packback!

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Refreshingly Different – Packback Questions Encourages Long-term Learning

The way in which I learn about specific concepts previously versus how I currently learn with Packback is refreshingly different. As a frequent Packback Questions user in my BIOS 350 Microbiology course, I have first-hand experience regarding the long-term learning that the system encourages through the structure it provides. I find myself actively learning, as opposed to passively acquiring information, when I answer or ask a question on Packback.

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Meet Our Ambassador: Mason Estevez

Mason Estevez is a junior at the University of Alabama majoring in Economics and Journalism. His family background in small business made him realize that no matter what field he decides to pursue, he wants to work in a close-knit team and make a tangible impact. In his free time, Mason enjoys cooking because it’s when his deepest thinking happens.

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Meet Our Ambassador: Kirstin Zeiser

Kirstin Zeiser is a student from the University of Alabama, major in Public Relations with a strong interest in the Spanish language and Spanish culture. Kirstin became a Curiosity Ambassador because she personally connected with Packback’s purpose: to be a life-long learner. Her view on education can be summarized with a quote from Casey Neistat, a popular filmmaker. He says “Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind.”

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Who Wants to Cut a Great Conversation Short? Bridging the Education Quality Gap

Packback is the light at the end of the tunnel for awkward silences after a professor asks a question. It’s a catalyst for students to feel comfortable in the class right from the start of the school year, and it’s the driving force behind increasing participation all year.

If every professor on every college campus utilized Packback in their course, they would see how much students care about being active learners.

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Psychology Students are Challenging Their Perspectives, and their Peers’, on Packback Questions

Across the country, college professors are not just educating students; they’re awakening their curiosity and endowing them with the perspective they need to ask bolder questions and think more critically.

For psychology students, that can mean questioning cultural norms and conventions long accepted as status quo and thinking about themselves, and the world around them, with a new perspective.

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Chuck Klosterman and Questioning the Unquestionable

Curiosity often starts with a question.

From the youngest age, children ask, “Why?”, and throughout adulthood, people wonder, “Am I on the right path?” or “How can I make a bigger impact on my community, or the world?”

However, what happens when one asks a big question, perhaps the biggest: “What if we’re wrong?”

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