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About Moderation: Plagiarism and Mostly Quoted Material

Why was your post moderated?

We believe material taken from online sources should supplement your learning and not overpower your unique ideas! The original content in your post should be enough to stand alone and not depend on quotes or citations to make a point. Your post was moderated because a portion of it was found to have contained material quoted word-for-word from one or multiple online sources. This text outweighed the amount of originality from you and we felt your post could benefit from more of your own unique ideas!

Why do we moderate for plagiarism and mostly quoted material?

We consider posts that contain a majority of quoted text (even if it’s properly cited) to serve more to demonstrate accuracy of facts rather than creativity and curiosity. These types of posts don’t fully demonstrate the depth of the material you’re learning because the thoughts being posted don’t highlight your own curiosity which could lead to a higher quality discussion!

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