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About Moderation: Closed-Ended Questions

Why was your post moderated?

Closed-ended questions aren’t just questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”! We consider a closed-ended question to be one that has a straight forward response — there is a correct answer to it, it can be found on Google or in a textbook, or it can be copied and pasted from another source. Your post was moderated because we felt it demonstrated the characteristics of a closed-ended question and has the potential to be revised into one that is open-ended and therefore more engaging!

Why do we moderate for closed-ended questions?

Closed-ended questions don’t allow for you and your peers to explore various opinions and ideas. Closed-ended questions can lead to many students restating similar answers with slightly different wording, or students agreeing with one another without supporting their opinion. This is because a closed-ended question seeks an answer that is already defined and does not invite novel discussion.

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Packback Webinar: Peer Learning- Why It’s Worth It & How to Easily Implement It

There is strong evidence that peer learning is an effective way to motivate deeper learning in the classroom. In this webinar, Alex Gainer of the University of Alberta shares three strategies instructors can use to transition their class from the traditional chalk-and-talk lecture to an environment that encourages effective peer learning.

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