Promoting Peer Learning in a Chemistry Lab

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Stephen Mang Uses Packback for Promoting Peer Learning in a Chemistry Lab

Dr. Stephen Mang shares how he’s using Packback for promoting peer learning in his chemistry lab course. Packback gives students a place where they can help each other understand class materials, lab experiments and data analytics that he may not have time to cover in class.

Packback has been great for really expanding my curriculum in a student-driven way that lets them fill in information gaps for each other.”


University of California Irvine




Physical Chemistry Lab


19 Students

I teach advanced analytical chemistry and physical chemistry labs. I decided to use Packback in these classes so that I can expand the curriculum a little bit without having to add any extra classroom time or take away from the laboratory time. So, I can present a little bit of information in the lecture. Students can then jump on from that point and ask questions that become interesting to them about the material, about laboratory experiments, about the data analysis. Things again, that I wouldn’t have time to cover in lecture, but that they are interested in and curious about.

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