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Exploring Packback: Experimental Psychology Students Debate Trending Topics

Students are exposed to different information and opinions from the media every day. In fact, according to a survey conducted by MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal, Americans are more divided than ever. With Packback students participate in academic discussions with their peers to question information and make connections between lecture, life experiences and current […]

Exploring Packback: General Microbiology Students Discuss Vaccines

General Microbiology students at the University of Illinois at Chicago are focused on applying information from lectures and outside research to real-world scenarios. Each week the class uses Packback to share and discuss hot topics in science. One of the most active discussions explored how vaccines are perceived, their effectiveness and why some people distrust […]

Exploring Packback: Students on the Impact and Direction of Journalism

Journalism students at Indiana University Bloomington are taking a unique approach to master the art of storytelling. Their weekly discussion of Pulitzer Prize works on Packback has even challenged the practices of traditional journalism by questioning the relevance of food critics and the power of podcasts.

Packback Students are Raising Questions about North Korea

Is North Korea a threat to the rest of the world? Students on Packback Questions are curious to know after North Korea recently televised a military parade featuring missiles, marching and tanks.

History Is Better With Questions

What’s the history of Avogadro’s mol? How did Pythagoras discover his famed theorem? What inspired the painters of the Renaissance? These students on Packback Questions are curious to know the history of these things.

College Students on the United Airline Crisis

In one of the most controversial videos of 2017, United Airlines dragged passenger Dr. Dao out of a fully booked plane to make room for staff. The video was shared all over social media and initially resulted in a huge dip in stocks for United. Here’s what students had to ask on Packback Questions…

Information Technology is Better with Questions

Computers have already drastically changed the way we commute, work and communicate every day. The evolution is constant and quick So what else is possible? Packback has noticed Information Technology (I.T.) students at DePaul University pondering the future of tech.

Marketing Is Better With Questions

What makes a person want to purchase something? Marketing students want to know, and they’re asking about it on Packback Questions. Recently on the blog, we talked about how college students have a certain intrigue with how the human mind works. With the subject of marketing, it’s about asking the question, ”How do I move […]

How Trump Is Creating A Wave Of Curiosity On Packback Questions

Whether you support the current president or not, his journey to the White House has caused more young people to raise questions about our political system now more than ever. Students can’t help but be curious about the future of the country after one of the United States’ most controversial elections.