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Introducing the Packback Curiosity Scoring System

Designing an AI to grade for curiosity isn’t easy; psychologists have been trying to boil curiosity down to a definable metric for generations. At Packback, our research team has been working for the past year to develop an algorithm that measures quality of the posts on the Packback platform. While we’re not quite ready to announce that the Packback […]

Packback Community Management: Creating a safe space for curiosity in every community

In the past year, Packback’s team of Community Managers have moderated over 350,000 questions and responses and maintained the health of all of the Curiosity Communities on Packback Questions.

Packback Questions Community Guidelines

Packback Questions is a Question-Based Discussion platform where you can ask the BIG questions about what you’re learning, and what you still want to know. Our company exists to wake up the fearless, relentless curiosity in every student…because we believe that great innovation are always born out of great questions.