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Applauding Excellence: Dr. Pam Sulger’s 2022 eLearning Award and Her Impact with Packback

Dr. Pam Sulger, the Pima Online Department Chair for Psychology and Social Services at Pima College, was recently awarded the 2022 Award for Excellence in eLearning: Innovative eLearning Technology.  This award recognized her outstanding use of Packback for her PSY101 course. By integrating Packback, Dr. Sulger has revolutionized her approach to student engagement and learning, …

Packback Announces Partnership with Northern Arizona University

Chicago, IL – Packback, an education technology company that provides an AI-powered discussion and writing platform for college and university students, is proud to announce a partnership with Northern Arizona University (NAU), a leading university in the Southwest. This partnership aims to support NAU’s goals of developing critical thinking skills in students amidst the rise …

Packback Labs Unveils “Teach with GPT”

At Packback, our goal is to help every student develop their unique voice and the writing skills to express it. We believe in using technology to change outcomes rather than just score them and that students shouldn’t have to fail in order to learn from mistakes. That’s why we’re excited to launch “Teach with GPT,” …

New Packback Feature Detects AI-Generated Text

In response to ChatGPT and other AI-generated writing programs, Packback has released a new feature called A.I. Writing Detection. This update will detect and flag AI-generated content in its student-led discussion platform, Packback Questions, and its essay writing and research coaching platform, Deep Dives.

Survey Reveals Impact of Deep Dives

In a new article from Campus Technology, Rhea Kelly discusses the early success of Packback Deep Dives. A survey of the very first students and instructors who used the tool revealed improvements to student writing and the instructor grading process.

Fierce Education Covers Packback’s Partnership with the League

In a new article for Fierce Education, Peggy Bresnick outlines the new relationship between Packback and the League for Innovation in the Community College. She explains how the partnership came about and the impact it will have on member schools.

Packback Partners with the League for Innovation

In a release on Cision PRWeb, Packback announced its partnership with the international non-profit organization the League for Innovation in the Community College. The organizations are joining forces to provide Packback’s instructional technology to the League’s member schools.

Dr. Adam Fein Explains How Packback Provides Essential Feedback to Students

Dr. Adam Fein, Vice President for Digital Strategy and Innovation at the University of North Texas, has spent the last several years researching the impact of A.I.-generated instant feedback on student motivation and success. In a new article for eCampus News, Dr. Fein delivers findings from this research and explains why meaningful feedback is especially critical …

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