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The Future of Education: AI Learning Tools for Students and Teachers

The education landscape is rapidly evolving due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). AI learning tools are being used in classrooms, giving students new learning opportunities and helping teachers educate. As the pioneers of Instructional AI, Packback is leading the way providing powerful AI feedback for every student and every teacher.

Recent Articles

Strategies to Engage Students In the Classroom

Students are adopting generative AI like ChatGPT at a meteoric rate, and that adoption can be seen as somewhat of a double-edged sword. On one hand, ChatGPT provides learning opportunities, increases efficiency, and can help prepare students for the future. On the other hand, many instructors worry that with increased reliance on technology, students risk …

How Do Community College Faculty Feel About Generative AI?

In early March, The League for Innovation in the Community College co-hosted a webinar with Packback to provide League members with information on the rise of ChatGPT and explore how generative AI impacts student learning and writing. 222 webinar attendees responded to an optional survey which asked them to indicate their excitement or nervousness about …

At Michigan State, Packback Creates Resilient and Inclusive Courses

virtual event held a series of presentations informing Michigan State’s faculty and staff on the technology available to them that can enhance the classroom experience. The summit featured firsthand accounts of how technology impacts teaching and learning in MSU classrooms.

Unlocking Fearless Curiosity: Bridging the gap between the classroom and the authentic self

Karyl Garland, Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, shares her teaching philosophy: call upon students’ rich experiences to meet them where they are and create a balanced learning environment.

5 Tips For Avoiding Burnout

Whether you are a K-12 teacher or a higher ed professor, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by your workload. While some stress is normal, if it dominates your life then it can lead to burnout.  Between grading, meetings, and actual teaching, burnout is common among educators – so we pulled together five tips to help …

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