Packback for Educators

Engage and inspire every student, and enjoy teaching more than ever.

Packback’s platform helps instructors spend more of their time connecting with students through meaningful interactions, and less time on administrative tasks or corrective feedback.

Packback combines AI assistance for grading, discussion moderation, and initial student feedback, with powerful educator tools for instructors to engage and connect with every student one-on-one.

Decorative illustration showing a Packback Instruct dashboard with an overlay of a list of students.

Packback is a unique “win-win” for educators and students


Faster and More Enjoyable Grading

Packback gives instructors AI assistance that keeps them in the “driver’s seat”. Packback uses AI to augment instructor grading, taking some of the burden of grading, correcting common writing errors, and moderating discussion assignments off of the educator. Packback makes it possible to assign writing and discussion in any size course.


Shorten Feedback Loops for Students

For students, Packback is like having a “24/7” instant writing coach. Through instant AI feedback, Packback achieves a previously impossible level of personalized, immediate feedback on student writing and critical thinking. Students receive feedback before they submit their work, allowing them to make edits and submit their best possible work.


Better Outcomes for Students

Multiple studies have shown that Packback supports improved outcomes at the assignment level (grades, writing quality), and at the course level (improved persistence, grade outcomes). Strong metacognitive benefits have also been observed, including increased writing confidence and greater motivation.

How Packback’s “Digital TA” supports educators

AI-Augmented Grading

Packback’s “Digital TA” accelerates grading and course management, while keeping you in the control.

In Packback Questions, student discussion posts are automatically scored according to our proprietary Curiosity Score. Educators choose the Curiosity Score threshold for students to receive full credit, and can manually override scores.

In Packback Deep Dives, educators receive AI-recommended scores for each component of their writing rubrics (like “Grammar”), which they can choose to override or keep. Educators also see “Smart Highlights”, which highlight key aspects of the text to make reviewing student work easier.

AI-Powered Discussion Moderation

Packback’s Digital TA automatically reviews all student posts, and flags posts when they do not meet community guidelines. If a student’s post is flagged, they are notified and can make corrections to their post and republish to earn credit – all without requiring instructor intervention.

Packback automatically moderates:

  • Plagiarized Posts
  • Posts with Profanity
  • Logistical Questions (e.g. “Will X be on the test?”)
  • AI-Generated Posts
  • Low Depth or Short Posts

AI Coaching for Students

Students submit stronger work on Packback, helping educators spend more of their grading time focused on giving feedback on student ideas, instead of correcting errors in their grammar or style. By the time students submit their work on Packback, they have already received extensive real-time coaching on grammar, style, flow, research quality, plagiarism prevention, and more.

Instructors report significantly higher satisfaction with the quality of student writing on Packback, and report nearly 1/3 faster grading times when using Packback.

Spend less time correcting, and more time connecting.

Packback offers a range of powerful instructor tools to help educators connect meaningfully with their students through the platform and deliver targeted, supportive interventions. These tools are designed to help you turn insights into interventions in seconds.

Discussion Polls

Engage your class with polls on Packback. Use polls as a pulse check, knowledge check, or to guide deeper discussions.

Insights Dashboard

Easily track individual students’ growth and overall class progress, and easily turn insights into thoughtful interventions.

Match & Message

Message students who meet specific participation criteria to give personalized coaching at scale in any size class.

Highlighted Educator Features

  • Gradebook Sync Available (LTI 1.3)
  • LTI 1.1 and 1.3 Integration Available
  • Google Classroom Integration Available
  • Clever Integration (Coming Spring 2024)
  • Secure and Private (FERPA, GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA)
  • Accessible (Audited at the AA level of the WCAG 2.1)
  • Built-In Plagiarism Detection
  • Built-In AI-Generated Text Detection
  • Easy Deadline Extensions
  • Customizable Assignment Structures
  • Easy Course Copying (From Prior Course or Template
  • Customizable Rubrics and Rubrics with Easy Reuse

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