From Curious Rookie to Managerial Maestro: Billy Gorman’s Packback Success Story

At Packback, we love to celebrate victories both large and small, and at this moment, we’d like to recognize a pretty large victory for our newest Assistant Sales Manager, Billy Gorman. Billy’s story at Packback is truly one of hardwork, passion, dedication and determination and we’d like to take a moment to shine a light on Billy’s story and his road from University Outreach specialist to Assistant Sales Manager.

Coming out of a career in finance, in the summer of 2019, Billy decided it was time for him to make a change, so he took a leap of faith and embarked on an exciting new chapter in his career by joining a small edtech startup called Packback. With little sales experience, he joined the Packback team as a University Outreach Specialist (UOS). Little did he know that this journey would eventually lead him to the role of Assistant Sales Manager, where he continues to make a significant impact.

Learning and Growth

Billy’s early days at Packback were characterized by his eagerness to learn and his unwavering determination. He quickly recognized the value of mentorship and guidance, and he was fortunate to have a supportive network of managers, senior leadership, and peers who were eager to help him succeed. With their assistance, Billy transitioned from a UOS to a Sales Consultant (SC) working in our Direct-to-Professor vertical.

As an SC, Billy’s exceptional dedication and talent shone brightly. In his very first campaign, he was named Rookie of the Year, a testament to his rapid growth and ability to connect with clients. He played a pivotal role in expanding Packback’s presence by nurturing relationships with key accounts such as Georgia State and Tennessee Knoxville.

Discovering His “Why”

During his tenure as an SC, Billy delved deep into personal development. He discovered his “why” – the driving force behind his work at Packback. This revelation was crucial in aligning himself with Packback’s overarching mission to empower students, foster curiosity, and enhance students’ writing skills.

His dedication and newfound sense of purpose didn’t stop at personal growth and continued to carry over to his career. In January of 2023, Billy took on the role of SC Captain, leading a team of fellow SCs. He introduced innovative ideas like “Bill the Builder,” which involved hosting workshops and brainstorming sessions to help SCs achieve their Packback goals. This leadership role marked a turning point in his career, where he further hones his skills and deepened his commitment to the Packback mission.

Becoming a Manager

As Billy’s journey continued, he set his sights on the next step: becoming a manager. He observed, learned from, and shadowed senior leadership, managers, and mentors he deeply admired within the EdTech industry. His determination, combined with training and lessons learned along the way, culminated this fall with his well-deserved promotion to Assistant Sales Manager.

A Testament to Hard Work

Reflecting on his journey, Billy acknowledges the profound impact Packback has had on his life. It’s not just a company; it’s a platform that has allowed him to discover confidence not only in his career but in everyday life. He attributes his success to hard work, perseverance, and the invaluable experiences and friendships forged during his 4.5 years at Packback.

When asked what he attributes his success to, Billy said “My journey is a testament to Packback’s commitment to empowering our employees and fostering an environment where hard work pays off. We have a culture where everybody goes out of their way to help and encourage one another and I can honestly say that I would not be here without the guidance I received from my mentors, managers, co-workers, and leadership.”

Billy’s story is a source of inspiration, proving that with dedication, a sense of purpose, and the right support network, anyone can rise through the ranks and make a significant impact. Billy’s journey is far from over, and his future at Packback shines brighter than ever as he continues to contribute to the company’s mission of transforming education.

Here’s to you Billy, thank you for being you!

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