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In Packback Questions communities across the nation, thousands of questions are posted per week. That is a lot of questions flowing through the platform, which could make it easy to miss some of the best posts. The new Featured Tab places the best discussions in every community in their own easy-to-navigate tab, so they are always only one click away.

Every week, Packback’s Community Management team hand-selects the most curious, thought-provoking, and interesting posts in each community every week and sends them in a weekly digest email to everyone using our platform, called the Curious Reader Digest. With the new Featured Tab, all those “can’t miss” questions and answers that are sent in the Curious Reader Digest are also accessible right within the Community itself!

Even if a community has several thousand questions being posted per week, the Featured Tab ensures that the best questions never get missed or buried. When those great questions are seen, they inspire others to ask similar great questions and increase the number of responses that those great questions receive to drive deeper, richer discussions.

Making sure the best posts are seen and discussed

The Packback Product team has been working tirelessly this summer to make sure that every community delivers on our purpose of awakening fearless curiosity, through features that improve the quality of questions and making sure those great posts are seen by everyone.

Our Curious Reader digest has done wonders for making students curious to log into the platform to read the discussions on featured questions, helping professors easily find great discussions to continue in the classroom, highlighting examples of truly amazing questions. The Featured Tab was a way of expanding the impact of the Curious Reader digest by making it an even more integral part of the Packback Questions experience.

Our research revealed that the most recent questions that are visible at the time of logging in to post a question directly impact the type of question that someone asks. In an online community, just like in a social setting, we look at what other people are doing for cues about how to act and the same is true on Packback Questions.

When a great question is posted, it sets off a chain reaction of more great questions. The Featured Tab makes sure those great posts are always visible to help set the tone for future questions and responses.

Selecting the best posts in every community for the Featured Tab

Our amazing team of Packback Moderators carefully review every community on our platform each week, and hand-select questions to feature which represent the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (Analysis, Evaluation, and Creation). Our Moderators also seek out posts with thoughtful and interesting responses, or particularly unique sources cited.

The criteria for Featuring boils down to a single question; Will this inspire curiosity? If the answer is yes, the community will be able to find that post in the Featured Tab.

The Best of the Best, just a click away

Any time throughout the semester, click over to the Featured Tab to see a history of all questions that have ever been featured in the Community. Students can always find a list of interesting discussions in the Featured Tab if they are ever searching for a question to answer. Students can check the Featured Tab when reviewing for finals to remember the discussions from earlier that semester.  Professors can review the Featured Tab at the end of the semester to review their class’ discussions, select test questions, or do research on how their class’ understanding or opinions changed throughout the semester.

The uses of the Featured Tab are endless, but the feature is simple; find the Best of the Best in any community with a single click.

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