Packback & the University of North Texas

Packback is proud to be an official educational technology partner of the University of North Texas! Inspire self-motivated, critical thinkers through inquiry-driven discussion with Packback’s AI-powered online discussion platform.

Packback vs Canvas Discussion

10 institutions participated in an IRB -approved comparative research study which found that students using Packback wrote richer discussion posts, received overall higher grades, and showed higher levels of satisfaction compared to Learning Management System discussion.

Significantly More


Compared to both control group students and historical data, students using Packback were significantly more likely to receive A’s in the course.

Significantly Fewer


Compared to both control group students and historical data, students using Packback were significantly less likely to receive F’s in the course. Compared to control data, students on Packback were also significantly less likely to receive D’s in the course.


UNT students pay:

$29 $0

Per course community

Packback is always free for instructors. Now, it’s free for students too.

*price made possible through exclusive partnership with UNT Center for Learning Experimentation, Application and Research (CLEAR)

“The AI-driven discussion platform Packback has been deployed in large high-enrollment classes to address a need for reducing instructor and grading workload”

Dr. Adam Fein, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation,
University of North Texas

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Packback is secure, accessible, reliable, and easily integrated with Canvas!

FERPA & PCI Compliant

Packback adheres to FERPA requirements and uses PCI compliant practices for checkout and billing. Packback’s infrastructure is reliable and boasts over 99.9% uptime.

ADA Compliant

Packback undergoes regular voluntary audits to ensure that our site aligns with ADA accessibility requirements. We strive to adhere to the AA level of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

LTI Integrated

Packback is an IMS Global Alliance Partner and offers an LTI 1.2 integration that enables Single-Sign-On experiences for our partner schools.