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Teach with GPT is a free resource provided by Packback to give educators tools to incorporate ChatGPT into their courses in interesting and inspiring ways that help prepare students to succeed in a post-AI world. These tools are new and experimental and will be changing rapidly. Keep checking back as new tools are released!

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Illustration in blueprint style showing a diagram of an essay being checked and compared to two ChatGPT output texts.


Check text to see if it is AI Generated: Paste text to check if it contains AI-generated text from a tool like ChatGPT or other AI text generator, along with an easy-to-read explanation of the analysis. Gain transparency to help inform how you guide your students to use tools like ChatGPT and to help encourage academic honesty.

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Illustration in blueprint style showing an essay with a few lines of text highlighted in red. A label shows the number of errors in each paragraph.

“Fact-Check the AI” Assignment Generator

Generate an essay with factual errors (and answer key) for your students to find and correct: Teach editing, research, and fact-checking skills by tasking your students to correct an AI-generated essay with known factual errors.

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Illustration in blueprint style showing a flow chart. The first node is labeled as "input question", connected to a paragraph of feedback, which then branches off into 3 nodes.

Teach Closed-Ended vs. Open-Ended Questions with GPT

Help students revise closed-ended questions into open-ended questions. There’s no such thing as a “bad question”…but there are certainly better questions than others for inspiring critical thinking! Use this tool to help students revise closed-ended questions into an open-ended question for better discussion and critical thinking.

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Illustration showing multiple nodes with connecting lines. One node is labeled, "Career Goal". One node is labeled, "Course(1)".

Course-to-Career Connector

Help your students find their “why”. This tool is for any instructor who has ever had a student say, “Why do I have to take this class?”. This helpful experimental tool allows instructors (or students) to input a students’ career goals and the name of your course or lesson to help find the connection between what you’re teaching and what a student’s long term goals are.

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Packback Labs is the experimental wing of the education company, Packback. The mission of this Packback Labs is to release free tools for educators and students that take “cutting edge technologies” and make them accessible by creating useful, inspiring, forward-looking tools for the future of education.

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