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Packback is pleased to be working alongside many North Carolina State University instructors to reach learning outcomes such as critical thinking and communication skills without adding the administrative burdens of other online discussion platforms. Fill out the form and NC State’s personal consultant, Ryan, will reach out with a personalized plan for how Packback can work in your course!


3,700 will be using Packback at NC State in Fall 2019.


10 departments at NC State are currently using Packback for discussion.


135K student-posted questions and responses expected from NC State in Fall 2019.


20 instructors will be using Packback at NC State in Fall 2019.

Packback is an AI-supported online discussion platform that improves student curiosity, communication skills and critical thinking. Packback delivers an easy-to-use and engaging discussion experience for students and instructors, with powerful support from automated moderation, sorting and scoring algorithms.

Learn how Packback:

  • Drives skill development in effective question formation, writing and critical debate
  • Provides a positive and constructive real-time feedback loop for students, day or night.
  • Inspires students’ intrinsic curiosity with a tool based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognition
  • Gives instructors superpowers to create greater learning impact with less time and effort
  • Provides reliable technology with a human touch

Ready to improve students’ critical thinking, communication and writing skills? Fill out the form to get connected with NC State’s Packback Consultant, Ryan!

Get Started with Packback at NC State!

Packback prioritizes security, accessibility, and integration.

FERPA & PCI Compliant

Packback is FERPA compliant, utilizing only Directory data for student account creation. To learn more about our practices, contact our team.

ADA Compliant

Packback takes accessibility for ALL learners seriously in our design and development. We adhere to the level AA standards of the WCAG 2.0. 

LTI Integrated

Packback is an IMS Global Alliance Partner, and offers an LTI 1.2 integration that enables “Single Sign On” experiences for our partner schools.