About Moderation: Plagiarism and Mostly Quoted Material

Posts that violate Packback’s Community Guidelines are flagged by our moderation algorithm and submitted for manual review by community moderators. One of the reasons a post may be moderated is if it is plagiarized or contains mostly quoted materials.

Why was your post moderated?

We believe material taken from online sources should supplement your learning and not overpower your unique ideas! The original content in your post should be enough to stand alone and not depend on quotes or citations to make a point. Your post was moderated because a portion of it was found to have contained material quoted word-for-word from one or multiple online sources. This text outweighed the amount of originality from you and we felt your post could benefit from more of your own unique ideas!

Why do we moderate for plagiarism and mostly quoted material?

We consider posts that contain a majority of quoted text (even if it’s properly cited) to serve more to demonstrate accuracy of facts rather than creativity and curiosity. These types of posts don’t fully demonstrate the depth of the material you’re learning because the thoughts being posted don’t highlight your own curiosity which could lead to a higher quality discussion!

Why is originality important?

Originality demonstrates a deeper understanding of the content! While we admire the effort that goes into seeking out information beyond the classroom, there’s more value in the way you tie that back to what you are currently learning. Originality, along with creativity and curiosity, demonstrates the extent of your knowledge beyond the class content and even points to greater discoveries in learning that set your thoughts, opinions, and ideas apart from others.

What did our AI pick up on your post?

  • The language or structure of your post
  • The potential discussion that would come out of your post
  • Any other factors that may lead to a low-quality discussion such as lack of creativity or originality

Helpful Tips to add more originality to your post:

  • Avoid simply paraphrasing.
  • Consider how a source you found relates to your understanding of the subject matter and elaborate on that with your own thoughts.
  • Remember that we still moderate a post even if you’ve included quotation marks! Copy-and-pasting doesn’t effectively demonstrate curiosity as much as exploring the content.
  • If you are directly quoting a source, make sure that more than half of your post contains original ideas not found in that source.

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