CEO Mike Shannon at the ASU GSV Summit

“We are reversing education’s fast-answer epidemic, reviving the life skill of asking great questions by awakening and fueling lifelong curiosity, no matter the scale.”

Listen to our co-founder and CEO Mike Shannon discuss the mission of Packback at the ASU/GSV conference.

Mike’s presentation at GSV outlines Packback’s purpose, traction as of Spring 2018, and a breakdown of the major elements of the Packback platform.

But before diving into the story of Packback Questions, Mike talks about the first product Packback built…and how we failed.

That failure helped us gain incredible learnings that led us to develop our curiosity-based discussion platform that has since been used by over 250,000 students nationwide.

Want to see a live Packback community and learn how you can increase student engagement and critical thinking in your course?