Packback’s COVID-19 Continuity Support Program

To provide an option to help ensure instructional continuity and keep students connected and engaged during this challenging time, Packback is providing zero cost licenses through the end of the Spring semester or academic quarter for any higher education courses moving online mid-term due to COVID-19 prevention.

What is Packback?

Used nationwide by more than 300,000 students and instructors, Packback Questions supports instructors with curriculum and facilitation of online “Communities of Inquiry”.

Unlike a typical discussion forum, students on Packback write their own open-ended discussion questions as the basis for discussion prompts. Our DigitalTA (AI) provides automated discussion moderation and real-time feedback on students’ posts. Through thoughtful automation and feedback, Packback reduces the administrative burden of managing discussion for instructors while helping students achieve higher levels of cognition.

Instructional Continuity Scholarship Program for COVID-19 Response

If you are currently transitioning (or expect to possibly need to transition) an in-person or hybrid course to a fully online instructional environment mid-term and are interested in using Packback at no cost, please complete the short form below. A member of the Packback team will reach out during your preferred contact times to help you set up an inquiry-based discussion community on Packback.

We’re proud to announce that our Covid-19 Continuity Support Program, launched in early March, has provided free access to over 13,000 students in 160 courses across the U.S & Canada.

While we still have so much work ahead of us as an education community, it’s been incredibly inspiring to see the adaptability in action by professors and students alike. We’re pleased to be able to play our small part to help students. Although the Continuity Support program has ended you can request a demo to learn more about Packback.

This program was offered through the end of the Spring 2020 semester or academic quarter at your university.

Key Information about Packback

  • Secure and Widely Used: Packback’s terms and security practices have been audited and accepted by many of the nation’s top universities, who we are proud to call our partners. Our HECVAT is available upon request.
  • Accessible for All Students: Packback is regularly audited against the AA level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure that all students can access Packback, regardless of disability. Packback is mobile responsive and can be accessed from any web-connected mobile device.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use: Many professors get started on Packback just a few days before the start of the term under normal circumstances. Our team is ready to help you through this process.
  • Effective: Packback students have been found to write longer posts, use more source citations, and participate more consistently throughout the term than on traditional discussion forums. 93% of professors who use Packback for a course continue to use Packback in subsequent semesters.

Request a Demo of the Packback Questions Platform

Curious to learn more? One of our friendly strategy consultants will be excited to meet you and discuss your course learning objectives. We will provide a free consultation to see if Packback would be a good fit for your class!

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