In the Wake of COVID-19, Tools Like Packback Help Instructors Reset Expectations and Empower Students

In a new article for Getting Smart, Dr. Bill Harrison, former superintendent of Cumberland County Schools and former chair of the North Carolina State Board of Education, explores the potential of AI to reshape classroom expectations so that students can thrive.

In an article for Getting Smart, Dr. Bill Harrison shares why inquiry-based discussion tools like Packback are leaders in helping instructors to reset classroom expectations.

Dr. Harrison writes that students are surviving, not necessarily excelling, in the wake of COVID-19. The key to finding balance in the new K12 landscape, says Dr. Harrison, is choosing EdTech which empowers students and relieves instructors’ administrative burden.

Creating classrooms where students are empowered is the ultimate goal; choosing tools that foster growth and confidence will allow students not just to survive but to unlock their full potential.

“The good news, however, is that new education tools and technologies have the potential to mitigate these low expectations by democratizing students’ access to information. Subject matter that previously was shared only with the highest-performing students is now accessible to all.

Take, for instance, the work of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina, which are using an AI tool widely used at nearby NC State in their high schools.

The project, developed by Packback, uses artificial intelligence to help students ask more effective questions, enabling them to step into the role of discussion leaders rather than passive recipients of knowledge handed down from a teacher.”

Excerpt from “Can Tech Help Reset Our Expectations?: Packback, Inquiry-Based Learning and the Power of AI”

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