Product Feature: Explore Platform Search

“Explore” is Packback’s search feature that allows every Packback member to explore the best discussions from every community across the country.

On a typical discussion board, users can only read and discover discussions within their own class or course. To support truly fearless, relentless curiosity, Packback created “Explore” to allow our members to read and discover great threads from all communities on the platform by keyword, label, community and more. Names are completely anonymized to anyone viewing the post unless the user has selected “Public” in his or her privacy settings (or unless the viewer is a member of the community where the user posted the question or response).

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Explore Feature Highlights

See the Daily Top Posts

Before entering a keyword into Explore, anyone who logs in will see today’s top posts by Curiosity Score across all communities on Packback. This is a great way to see what’s happening on the platform and discover new topics one might not think to search.

Search by Keyword

Use Explore to search by keyword across the entire Packback community.

Curious what students around the country are saying about recent events? See what students in Maine, Alaska, Alabama, Illinois and California are saying about hot topics in politics, science, medicine and more. Users can use the boolean search criteria to refine their exploration!

Searches can be filtered by all communities, by the communities a user is a member of and by labels like “Featured Posts” or “Pinned Posts”.

In-Community Search Capabilities

We’ve also improved in-community search capabilities for members of a Packback Questions Curiosity Community. Users can search questions, featured posts and users through the respective tabs of the community.

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