Product Feature: Give Feedback

Scaling relationships between the instructor and each student are hard when class sizes grow; so Packback sees it as a core part of our mission to help instructors scale their feedback and impact in their classes. To help instructors have more control over the feedback their students receive and to offer a way to provide positive feedback that scalably impacts the entire class, Packback created an instructor and TA feature called Give Feedback.

How To Use the “Give Feedback” Feature?

At the bottom of each Packback post, instructors and TAs will see a “Give Feedback” button on the “Options” menu. There are two options to choose from with the new “Give Feedback” feature: 

  1. Coach– private coaching feedback to the student
  2. Praise– public praise to help the entire class understand why this is a great post

Coaching Feedback

If Coached, comments are visible on the post only to the author, instructor and TAs. Once feedback is submitted, the author of the post receives an email containing the feedback message. The author can choose to edit their post based on the Coaching feedback. 

When Coaching a post, instructors can optionally choose to Moderate the post. The student will receive custom Coaching feedback when their post is Moderated.

Praising Feedback

If Praised, the instructor’s or TA’s comments are visible on the post to all community members. A small label appears on the post indicating to the class that the instructor has given the post Praise. Being able to identify these quality posts and read the instructor’s comments when scrolling through the feed helps students build pattern recognition for what a great discussion post looks like!

Why Is The “Give Feedback” Feature Important?

Encourages Great Posts: When instructors offer Praise feedback on a post, it appears on that post publicly for all students to see. This helps the whole class understand what instructors are looking for in questions and responses.

Builds Connections with Students: The Give Feedback feature creates a more personalized experience by showing the whole class that the instructor is seeing and reading their posts. Through public Praise feedback, students can see how their instructors are involved, even if they do not personally receive the feedback. An instructor can also provide Coaching feedback without having to Moderate the post. This allows for more flexible coaching that doesn’t affect the students’ grade and encourages a growth mindset in the student.

Tips for Using the “Give Feedback” Feature

For instructors planning to use the Give Feedback feature, Packback has several recommendations to help maximize the value spent giving feedback.

Praise each Featured Post: Instructors can offer Praise feedback on Featured or Pinned posts to maximize the visibility of their Praising feedback.

Coach on items that cannot be caught by AI: Instructors can offer Coaching feedback on posts that may not violate Packback’s Community Guidelines, but do not meet their own expectations for their class’ posts.

Streamline the processes: The Give Feedback feature allows instructors to take all positive and constructive actions on any post in a single step. While giving Praise, instructors can also Pin and/or Feature at the same time. While giving Coaching, instructors can also Moderate the post at the same time.

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