Packback Cited as One Way Institutions Are Making the Most of COVID-19 Relief Funding

In a recent article for the New England Journal of Higher Education, Richard Pattenaude, President Emeritus of Ashford University, addresses the recently passed Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act. The article details the bill’s requirements and offers examples of how institutions are using funding in innovative ways.

The recent passage of a long-awaited COVID-19 relief bill, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA), will give institutions nationwide the opportunity to make new investments that support students and faculty.
With funding now in place, many institutions are finally able to provide critical financial support to students. The bill also introduces the opportunity for schools to invest in innovative measures that will strengthen the effectiveness of online programs.

Michigan State University will use CARES Act funding to implement Packback campus-wide, bringing inquiry-driven discussion to students learning remotely.

“Michigan State University tapped CARES Act funding to partner with Packback, bringing inquiry-based discussion to more classes, even in the age of remote learning.

Institutions that explore these more creative uses of stimulus funding have seen powerful results—not just providing the emergency relief students need, but also building the architecture to ensure a more effective remote learning experience. And with the timeline still uncertain for a return to normalcy, that approach will help colleges and universities set themselves up for success in a tumultuous and ever-changing time for higher education.”

An excerpt from “Making the Most of COVID-19 Relief Funding”

Read the full article in NEJHE

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