Packback is Turning Off Support for Packback Books

On August 7th, 2018, Packback will be ending support for Packback Books, our eTextbook rental service and textbook price comparison services, to focus all of our engineering efforts toward making Packback Questions the best and most curious discussion platform for students on the web.

All rentals that are still active when the Packback Books eTextbook Rental service is turned off on August 7 are eligible for a full refund.

How to request a refund for a Packback eTextbook Rental

If you have an eTextbook rental on Packback that will still be active after August 7th, you can request a full refund for this rental so you can purchase your textbook from another textbook retailer.

To request a refund on an active textbook rental, please submit a request to our support team with the subject line, “Requesting Textbook Refund”.

Our support team will process refunds as quickly as possible and you will see the funds returned to your account within a few days of submitting the request form.

Why are we removing Packback Books (eTextbook Rentals)?

Over 6 years ago, Packback was launched as an eTextbook rental website. Through years of building our business and learning about what students and professors need to make higher education as valuable as possible, we have shifted the focus of our business toward our smart discussion platform, Packback Questions.

By rolling back support for our eTextbook rental service, it will allow our team to focus completely on Packback Questions to deliver the most reliable, responsive, accessible, and inspiring experience possible to all of our students and professors.

A huge thank you, from our entire team

If you have ever used Packback to rent your textbooks in the past, please know how much we appreciate your support and are forever grateful for every book you ever rented through us.

Your support made it possible for our small team to grow and discover the purpose that we care the most about; awakening and fueling the lifelong curiosity in every learner through the art of asking questions!

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