Rich Text Editing: Beautifully Add Images, Videos and Text Formatting to Packback Posts

The Packback Product Team has integrated Rich Text Editing into the Packback Questions platform to allow every student to fully express their ideas through videos, images, formatted text, formulas and more. Communities on Packback span a huge range of majors, and the introduction of Rich Text Editing provides all of our communities with the tools to fully and clearly explore any subject matter.

Now, instead of just describing a work of art, art history students can share an image of it to help give their question context. Instead of linking to a video explaining thermodynamics, a physics student can watch the video right within the Packback platform.  A trigonometry student can now use text formatting to write out a formula in Packback to show their classmates exactly where they are getting stuck.

Improved Editing Capabilities

With the integration of Rich Text editing, Packback users now have control over the look and layout of their posts, as well as the ability to insert rich media like embedded videos and images. The Rich Text editor allows for a range of customization and we have highlighted a few of the most powerful tools below.

Robust Text Formatting

With the introduction of Rich Text Editing into the Packback platform, Packback users can now add organization to their posts using Headers and Sub-headers. These options can be accessed in the “Paragraph styles” dropdown of the editor. To highlight important points, students and professors can now add bold, italic and underlined text into the body text of questions and answers.

With superscript and subscript options, Packback users in Math and Science courses can now insert formulas into their posts or use superscript to add footnotes into posts with multiple sources. Ordered and Unordered list options make it possible to keep long lists of content organized, and make it much easier to post a list on a mobile device than ever before.

Insert Code Blocks & Quotes

Students in computer science courses can now add code blocks right into their questions or answers. This places the text in a monospaced typeface that distinguishes it from the question or answer’s main text and improves legibility for long blocks of code.

With the built-in styling for quoted text, students can paste in a quote from a source and use the “quotation” tool to distinguish the selection as a quote.

Embed Rich Media (Images, Videos, Animations, and Emojis)

With the Rich Text integrated into Packback Questions, students can now insert links to embed images, videos and links right into their post. Embedded images can be resized and moved to suit the poster’s needs. Our system can now support images in the animated .gif format, enabling the use of animated images to help illustrate complex problems simply. By using the newly integrated, “Embed Video” feature, videos can now be inserted and played right within the Packback Questions post itself, instead of having their curiosity interrupted by leaving the app to watch a video.

As always, links to other articles, resources and websites can be shared by either pasting a link or using the “embed link” feature. And finally, Packback Questions also now supports emojis within the bodies of questions and answers!

Removing Barriers to Curiosity

Packback’s Product Team has been looking forward to integrating Rich Text Editing into the Packback platform as a way to give students more tools to allow them to explore their curiosity, discover new ideas, and delve deeper into class concepts.

Enabling the embedding of images, videos, and robust text editing was the next step to help reading question threads on Packback become even more inspiring experience. We can’t wait to see how Packback users across the country use the expanded editing capabilities to express their ideas and shape their questions.

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