The Packback Questions Tutorial

The first few weeks in a Packback Questions community set the tone of the rest of the semester. In those first few weeks, the goal is to get everyone on Packback to understand the importance of asking great questions, learn the community guidelines and start posting. The Packback Questions tutorial ensures that every community will get off to the best possible start!

Sharing the purpose of the platform

Like any good game, making sure the goal of Packback Questions is clear from the start is critical. The Packback Questions tutorial places an emphasis on teaching the importance of learning to ask thoughtful questions that take classroom concepts and apply them to real-world situations. We’ve seen some pretty incredible discussions occur on Packback Questions, ranging from the analysis of if scientific views truly need to clash with religious beliefs, to examining ways for minimizing pollution from household products, to hypothetical management questions that explored the moral intricacies of running businesses. Creating a space for discussions like these is why Packback exists and the tutorial helps share our passionate belief that asking questions truly can change the world.

Learn what to post and what not to post

An ongoing goal of our Product team is to help empower students with as much information and control of their experience on Packback as possible. As a result, we have integrated a short quiz into the Welcome Tutorial that prompts new members to practice flagging a question that doesn’t meet the Community Guidelines. They will also practice selecting the best question based on Community Guidelines. This helps reduce the risk that a student has a post removed and improves their overall experience on the platform.

Instead of attempting to get new members to read the community guidelines in an email before class begins; the tutorial only exposes new members to the Community Guidelines once they’ve joined a community and are ready to make their first post! This helps add context and relevancy to the Guidelines and ensures that they are fresh in the student’s mind when they ask their first question on Packback.

The goal of the tutorial is to set every new member up for success rather than set them up to have their posts moderated.

Automatically see the tutorial once and then access it any time from the sidebar

When any new member of Packback Questions joins their first community, the Welcome Tutorial will automatically appear. This ensures that every new member goes through the same training and knows how to get started in their community. If anyone ever needs to access the tutorial again in the future for reference, it can be accessed in the righthand sidebar of the community.

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