University Business Highlights Packback as Key Investment for Institutions Looking to Differentiate Themselves

A new article by Dr. E. Ann McGee, President Emerita of Seminole State College of Florida, explores the reality of community college enrollment and institutional investing during COVID-19. Packback is named as one way for institutions to optimize funding in uncertain times.

The pandemic has drastically changed the landscape of higher learning. While many institutions have been hit with unprecedented challenges, double-digit declines in enrollment have taken a particular toll on community colleges nationwide.

In a new article for University Business, Dr. E. Ann McGee shares 3 key strategies for community college presidents navigating increasingly uncertain times.

Dr. McGee names investing in digital infrastructure, collaborating with local organizations and businesses, and building a strong community presence as essential practices for community colleges looking to sustain enrollments and differentiate themselves in the remote-learning era.

“Even institutions that already have strong investments in distance learning are looking to double down on their investment to build exceptional student experiences. ‘We already had very robust online courses developed at FSCJ,’ as Jana Kooi, VP of Online and Workforce Education at Florida State College of Jacksonville, told me recently, ‘but we have been working to make those courses feel more personal and get the students more actively involved.’

To that end, FSCJ added a new inquiry-based discussion platform in hopes of increasing student engagement while also reducing the time investment required of faculty. This type of investment in digital infrastructure and curriculum support will be key for institutions looking to differentiate and succeed in a remote-enabled learning environment.”

An excerpt from “3 ways community college presidents can navigate an uncertain future”

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