On-Demand Webinar: Sparking Magic with Packback Instruct

On April 26th, 2022, Packback’s Chief Product Officer, Jessica Tenuta, led a webinar all about Packback’s latest release, Packback Instruct!

Dr. Phil Mixter (Associate Professor, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Washington State University School of Molecular Biosciences) and Keith Hollowell (Adjunct Faculty, English Department, Virginia Commonwealth University) joined the conversation to share how they use Instruct to create an environment where inquiry is baked into every part of the learning process.

Watch the full-length webinar on-demand:

Highlighted clips from this webinar

“Homework polls allow them to articulate the things that they’re thinking about” ~ Dr. Phil Mixter

Dr. Phil Mixter shares how he uses one of Instruct’s three unique features, Homework Polls, to help his students make sense of microbiology.

“It was embarrassing how excited I would get about the insights!” ~ Keith Hollowell

Keith Hollowell shares how Match & Message allows him to check in with students in a personalized, empathetic way.

“Instruct has allowed me to get into the mind of my students to see how they’re deconstructing questions” ~ Dr. Phil Mixter

Dr. Phil Mixter shares how Packback Instruct has allowed him to engage with his students more meaningfully than ever.

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