Packback for Parents

Accessing Packback for Class Work

My child is using Packback within a class

Are one or more of your children using Packback as a classroom assignment or activity? Explore information for parents of students using Packback as a classroom assignment to learn what Packback is and get answers to commonly asked questions.

Accessing Packback Independently

I want my child to use Packback on their own

Do you want your student to get access to the benefits of Packback’s AI writing feedback, even if they aren’t using it as a part of class? Learn how to get access to Packback for your students directly without being enrolled in a course using Packback.

Packback Helps Every Student Achieve Their Full Potential

Packback helps every student become a curious, critical thinker with strong writing skills, preparing them to be successful in their future.

Instructors who choose to use Packback in their courses care deeply about building motivating, student-centered learning environments where every student can reach their full potential.

How Do Students Use Packback in a Course?

For Student Discussion

Some courses use only Packback’s Discussion Platform, Questions.

Packback Questions is an “Inquiry-Based” Discussion platform that is assigned as a course assignment, where students learn to ask their own discussion questions and receive AI coaching on how to ask more effective questions.

Is your student using Packback Questions?

For Writing Assignments

Some courses use only Packback’s writing coaching platform, Deep Dives.

Packback Deep Dives is an instructional AI platform for writing, where students complete writing assignments. The platform’s AI provides students initial feedback on their writing in real-time, helping them submit their best work.

Is your student using Packback Deep Dives?

…Or Both!

Many courses use Packback for both discussion and writing!

When students are able to use both products in the same class, the two tools reinforce each other to drive even more effective outcomes. Together, these tools help students strengthen writing and critical thinking skills.

Instructor Feedback + AI Feedback =
The Best Support for Your Student

By combining Packback’s instant AI-based student feedback with personalized 1:1 Instructor feedback, students get the best of both! Through AI feedback, students submit stronger work to their instructors. In turn, their instructors spend more of their grading time giving feedback on the students’ ideas and content (instead of correcting errors). And the results speak for themselves!

Packback Helps Students Become More Confident Writers

Students report being significantly more confident writers after using Packback.

“Deep Dives gives me a sense of confidence when writing. It reassures me that I’m following the prompt. The live feedback I received is a game changer when writing, because it prevents me from the minor mistakes I may have not noticed without Deep Dives.”

~ Student Feedback, Fall 2022

Barchart showing a lift in students reporting that they feel "Extremely confident" and "Very Confident" when writing, after using Deep Dives compared to before.

Results from 2022 Whitepaper, “Results of Using Packback Deep Dives

Packback Helps Students Earn Better Grades

Both Packback Questions and Packback Deep Dives usage has been shown to help students earn better grades in their overall course, as well as driving assignment-level grade improvements. In one study, Packback showed over 32% increase in students earning A’s in their course.

Packback Helps Educators Interact More Meaningfully with their Class

Instructors report being significantly more satisfied with the quality of their students writing at the time of submission. That means that educators are able to spend less time correcting grammatical and structural issues in a students work, and more time providing growth-oriented feedback to help students push their ideas and writing further.

Barchart showing a huge lift in instructors reporting that they are satisfied with student writing quality when using deep Dives; from 41% before Deep Dives to 78% with Deep Dives.

Results from 2022 Whitepaper, “Results of Using Packback Deep Dives