Instructional Continuity Series: Creating Effective Online Lectures

Recording an engaging lecture requires different skills than presenting a lecture in person. In this webinar, Dr. Kathleen West from Winthrop University shares tips for recording effective lectures as well as suggestions for recording tools. 

Dr. West emphasizes to keep it simple! It’s okay if you’re not an expert in online instruction. Here are three takeaways to keep in mind when planning your online lectures:

Evaluate your course goals

Hands holding heart illustration

Where were you before the transition? What’s left on the regular schedule? What course goals stills need to be met?

Use remaining course goals to create a plan

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Can you accomplish your goals with a self-guided activity? Can anything be combined, omitted or altered?

Evaluate tools available at your school

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Contact your school and find out what licenses they have or can help you purchase.

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