For Individual Courses

Students pay:


Per Course Community

When an individual instructor adopts Packback, students purchase access directly.

πŸŽ‰ As students use Packback more, they pay less!

Each time a student purchases a course community on Packback, they pay less for their next community through Packback’s Curiosity Credits program.

For Institutions

Is your institution or department looking to adopt Packback across multiple programs or campus-wide? Packback offers institutional pricing with volume discounts. Depending on our partner institutions’ needs, Packback can support full institution-paid models, institution-subsidized models, and Inclusive Access.

What’s included in Packback’s price?

βœ“ All of Packback’s Digital TA features, including:

βœ“ Packback’s Instant Feedback

βœ“ Automated Community Moderation and Coaching Emails

βœ“ Ability for students to “Edit & Republish” Moderated Content

βœ“ Top Content Recommendations & Weekly Digest

βœ“ Insights Digest for Instructors

βœ“ Dedicated support from a Packback Curriculum Consultant to ensure course goals are met!

βœ“ All of Packback’s Inquiry-Based Discussion Features, including:

βœ“ Top-of-the-line text editing capabilities including LaTeX formula editing, code blocks, and image upload (including GIFs!), and more

βœ“ Critical Debates (enabling ‘Counterpoint’ and ‘Supporting Point’ options for responses)

βœ“ Access to the Custom Avatar Builder

βœ“ Instant Participation Tracking for Instructors and Students

βœ“ Instructor Public “Praise” Feedback and Private “Coach” Feedback capabilities

About Curiosity Credits

The Curiosity Credits Program

Each time a student purchases a Packback community, they accrue $3 additional Curiosity Credits. The credits are applied toward future community purchases, up to a maximum of $15 off the price of future communities.

The students’ Curiosity Credits do not get “spent”. They are an earned discount that applies at checkout on all of their future communities!

Our Curiosity Credits Program creates a pricing structure that makes Packback increasingly affordable for students as they join more discussion communities.

Affordability and Financial Aid

Packback Scholarship Program: Packback provides a limited number of Scholarship Access Codes each semester to grant students who need financial aid free access to a specific Packback community. Students can reach out to our support team to request access to the program.

Bookstore Partnerships and Inclusive Access: In addition to financial aid offered by Packback, our team partners with campuses to offer Inclusive Access and collaborates with campus bookstores to offer codes for sale, allowing the use of campus financial aid.

Want to learn more about Packback’s Curiosity Credits or Financial Aid Programs? Please contact our team