Welcome to Deep Dives!

We’re excited to welcome you to the Early Access program for Deep Dives!

We recommend bookmarking this page as your one-stop hub for resources to make sure you have a great experience with Deep Dives this term.

Table of Contents:

  • Getting started on Deep Dives
  • Get Support
  • Product Updates
  • Share Feedback About your Experience

Getting Started on Deep Dives

Step 1: Verify that you can see Deep Dives

You should now see Deep Dives as an option in the sidebar navigation of your community for every class where you want to use it.

If you don’t see Deep Dives enabled, please let us know by emailing help@packback.co.


Step 2: Create your first Deep Dives assignments

Help Center: How to Set Up Deep Dives assignments

We recommend setting up your assignments as early as you can. You can publish assignments early without students seeing them by using a “start date” in the future.


Step 3: Take the “pre-survey” before class

Please help our team gather baseline data so we can study the impacts of Deep Dives. To complete the survey, please choose one of the following:

Higher Ed Educator Pre-Survey

K12 Educator Pre-Survey

Get Technical Support

Do you need help with Deep Dives? Check out the Deep Dives Help Center or submit a ticket for one-on-one support.

Product Releases and Updates

New Releases

Coming Soon

  • Allowing students to edit their own submissions, so long as they do so before the deadline
  • Ability to remove (“delete”) assignments after they are posted.
  • Ability to edit your assessments after you submit them.
  • Packback’s Smart Highlighting: Ability to see highlights overlaid on the students’ text. You’ll be able to see highlights where students have likely answered your guiding questions, and where they have (or have not) included specific required keywords you set.

Share Feedback about your Experience

Early Access Surveys

Looking for a survey but can’t find the email? You can access any of our Fall Early Access program surveys here at any time!

Higher Education

  • Mid-Point Survey (Higher Ed)
    • Releasing October
  • End-of-Term Survey (Higher Ed)
    • Releasing November

K12 Education

  • Mid-Point Survey (K12)
    • Releasing October
  • End-of-Term Survey (K12)
    • Releasing November

Schedule a Product Interview with Jessica, our Chief Product Officer

Our Chief Product Officer, Jessica Tenuta, is eager to meet with as many of our Early Access Deep Dives users as possible this term. These interviews help us learn how we can make Deep Dives better for every instructor.

Details of a Product Interview:

  • 45 Minute Product Interview
  • No prep needed on your part
  • $20 Honorarium Provided

“I’m really looking forward to meeting with you this term to learn about your experience with Deep Dives.”

~ Jessica Tenuta
Cofounder & CPO