Packback Instruct

Packback Instruct is a powerful new way to get the most out of your Packback discussion community with all-new, best-in-class tools for instructor-to-student interaction.

Make Packback your single hub for inquiry-based learning and student engagement with Packback Instruct!

Classic Experience

Packback Questions


Per Student Per Course

What’s inside:

Packback’s Digital TA (AI): AI-assisted community Moderation, Instant Feedback, and Instructor Recommendations.

Best-in-Class Discussion Engagement Features: Critical debates, rich text editing, custom avatars, and more.

Powerful Instructor Tools: Custom Feedback, Automated Grading, and a dedicated Packback team member.

Best Value!

*Packback Instruct


Per Student Per Course

What’s inside:

Everything included with Packback Questions, plus :

Discussion Polls: Host dynamic synchronous and large-scale discussions with Discussion Polls.

Instructor Analytics: Understand how your class performs with a powerful and interactive analytics dashboard.

Match & Message: Manage feedback at scale! Find students who match criteria and send them customized email feedback.

How will Packback Instruct transform
your class discussion?

Discussion Polls

Host engaging in-class and out-of-class debates with Discussion Polls

Use discussion polls to engage students both during class and outside of class.

Post structured, asynchronous polls with Homework Polls. Host engaging in-class debates and discussions with In-Class Polls.

Flexible options enable you to limit poll replies before it is “active” or after it is “closed”.

▶️ Video: How Dr. Phil Mixter Uses Discussion Polls to Enrich Class Discussion

Interactive Insights Dashboard

Turn your community data into actionable insights with the Interactive Insights Dashboard

Monitor trends in your overall course’s participation and get detailed insights about individual students in your class, combined with the ability to reach out to those students at scale through Match & Message.

▶️ Video: How Dr. Phil Mixter Checks in With Students Using the Insights Dashboard

Match & Message

Scale meaningful 1-to-1 instructor interactions with Match & Message

With Match & Message, you can find students whose participation meets specific criteria, and then compose an email to all of those students at once.

Instructors will be able to find and message students who…

Haven’t yet participated

• Didn’t yet meet full requirements

• Were featured on the leaderboard

• Haven’t yet received instructor feedback

▶️ Video: How Keith Hollowell Uses Match & Message to Connect with His Class

Schedule a free demo of Packback Instruct

Schedule a 1:1 demo with a Packback team member to review the impacts of inquiry-based discussion, feedback to students, and class polling at scale during a personalized, 30-minute video call!