Packback Instruct Beta Access Program

About the Beta Access program

Current and past Packback Instructors like yourself are invited to participate in a free Beta access program of Packback Instruct in Fall of 2021. Packback Instruct is a new product releasing publicly in January 2022, which will provide a suite of powerful tools for instructors who want a single hub for monitoring and supporting student motivation, engagement, and community through inquiry-based discussion.

Please read the below expectations before deciding if you’d like to participate in the free Beta access program.

What to expect as a Packback Instruct Beta tester

  • Feature Rollout:
    • Your class(es) will receive access to Packback Instruct features as they become available throughout the term.
    • Features–and release dates–are subject to change.
    • Discussion polls are expected to be released by end of September.
    • Interactive Insights are expected to be released by end of November.
    • Match & Message is expected to be released Mid-December.
  • Cost and Access:
    • You must already be using Packback Questions in any course you would like to be a part of the Beta Access program for Packback Instruct.
    • Students will pay the normal price for Packback Questions ($29, minus their Curiosity Credits) during the Beta Access program.
    • You and your students will receive free access to the Packback Instruct features during the Fall 2021 term: September 2021 to the end of December 2021.
    • Starting in January 2022, Packback Instruct will be a $10 add-on to the cost of a Packback community per student, paid at checkout. Beta users are under no pressure to continue using Packback Instruct after the free Beta test.

What you will be asked to do as a Beta tester

  1. Fill out a brief survey after each new feature is release (3 total surveys, approximately 10 minutes per survey).
  2. You will be reached out to during the Fall 2021 term by Packback’s Chief Product Officer, Jessica Tenuta, with an optional invitation to participate in a 1:1 video call interview about your experience with Packback Instruct.