Your students might start to wonder if you’re omniscient…

The Packback platform provides a suite of tools to help educators connect meaningfully with every single student in any size course, easily.

Every feature on Packback is designed with scale in mind. Packback is used in classes as large as 2,500 students and as small as 10 students, and is designed to make any size class easier to manage and support every student.

Packback Educator-to-Student Engagement Features

Discussion Polls

Engage your class with polls on Packback. Use polls as a pulse check, knowledge check, or to guide deeper discussions.

Insights Dashboard

Easily track individual students’ growth and overall class progress, and easily turn insights into thoughtful interventions.

Match & Message

Message students who meet specific participation criteria to give personalized coaching at scale in any size class.

Public Praise & Private Coaching

Packback allows educators to easily leave public “Praise” on student discussion posts to help the entire class learn what that student did well.

Discussion Polls

Host engaging in-class and out-of-class debates with Discussion Polls

Animation showing discussion polls. 

A discussion poll is shown that asks, "is it ethical for a lawyer to represent a case where they know their client is guilty?". The options provided are A, Yes it is ethical, or B, no, it is not ethical. 

An overlay appears showing a student's response that chose option B and provided a short answer explaining their reasoning.

Use discussion polls to engage students both during class and outside of class.

Post structured, asynchronous polls with Homework Polls. Host engaging in-class debates and discussions with In-Class Polls.

Flexible options enable you to limit poll replies before it is “active” or after it is “closed”.

▶️ Video: How Dr. Phil Mixter Uses Discussion Polls to Enrich Class Discussion

Instructor Insights Dashboard

Turn your community data into actionable insights with the Instructor Insights Dashboard

Within the Instructor Insights Dashboard, educators can trends in their overall course’s participation and get detailed insights about individual students in their class, combined with the ability to reach out to those students at scale through Match & Message.

Unlike many data visualization tools that just show statistics, every metric in the Insights Dashboard is easily actionable to drive thoughtful interventions that help change and improve student and course performance.

▶️ Video: How Dr. Phil Mixter Checks in With Students Using the Insights Dashboard

Animation showing the interactive insights dashboard

A graph appears showing the average participation and post quality over the semester, alongside a list of students who are on the top of the leaderboard. 

An overlay appears with a suggested action to reach out to students on the top of the leaderboard.

Match & Message

Scale meaningful 1-to-1 instructor interactions with Match & Message

Animation showing the Match and Message feature.

The animation shows a professor selecting "students who were on the leaderboard this week" as a filter, and a list of matching students appear. 

An overlay appears showing the message that the instructor is crafting for those students, and button to "send messages'.

With Match & Message, educators can find students whose participation meets specific criteria, and then compose an email to all of those students at once.

Instructors are able to find and message students who…

Haven’t yet participated

• Didn’t yet meet full requirements

• Were featured on the leaderboard

• Haven’t yet received instructor feedback

• Have not started / finished Deep Dives draft

▶️ Video: How Keith Hollowell Uses Match & Message to Connect with His Class

Public Praise & Private Coaching

Allow your feedback to benefit every student, not just the student who receives it.

Leave public “Praise” on a student’s post, to allow your feedback to be visible to the entire class and use it as a teachable moment to demonstrate what that student did well. “Pin” that post to stick it to the top of your discussion assignments to ensure that your class sees it.

If you see a student needs specific help, you can easily leave private “Coaching” on any post, which notifies them privately of your feedback.

▶️ Video: How Educators Use Packback Each Week

Photo of Dr. Keith Hollowell

Real Educator Stories: Dr. Hollowell

Learn how Dr. Keith Hollowell uses the Packback platform to scale his reach and impact in his classes, and build powerful connections with his students.

He heavily uses the “Discussion Polls” feature to guide discussion and gauge student understanding, and help determine when he needs to go deeper on a topic.

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