Bookstore Code Process

We are able to work with your school to make Packback access available for students to purchase through your campus bookstore! If you are a bookstore representative or are a professor interested in knowing more about getting a bookstore partnership between Packback and your campus bookstore set up, you can contact for more information.

If you are interested in setting up bookstore access, send along the following information in your email:

How to order bookstore access codes

Send a Purchase Order (PO) to Below are our current product offerings and prices.

ProductISBNNet Price
Packback Questions with Instruct978-0-578-98615-9$39.00
Packback Deep Dives with Instruct979-8-218-16894-0$39.00
Packback Bundle (Questions and Deep Dives)978-0-578-29466-7$49.00

Order Minimum

Packback requests an order minimum in order to be able to promptly respond to requests for codes and to keep our process for managing codes from bookstores organized. In almost all cases, the classes using Packback are larger than 10 students so we would like to make sure that the number of codes being requested is suitable for the classes using Packback at your campus.

  • Order minimum: 10 access codes

Refund Policy

As of 6/1/23, Packback does not accept returns on access codes. The access codes do not expire and can be sold in subsequent terms.  Existing credit memos from past returns will be honored. If the credit is not used within 6 months, it will be voided.