The Future of Education: AI Learning Tools for Students and Teachers

The education landscape is rapidly evolving due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). AI learning tools are being used in classrooms, giving students new learning opportunities and helping teachers educate. As the pioneers of Instructional AI, Packback is leading the way providing powerful AI feedback for every student and every teacher.

What Are AI Learning Tools?

AI learning tools use pedagogically sound AI feedback to enhance education by providing every student with the 1 on 1 support they need. These tools analyze student abilities, comprehension, writing skills, and more to provide customized feedback, assignments, and recommendations. For teachers, AI tools assist with grading, moderating online discussions, identifying at-risk students, and reducing repetitive administrative tasks.

AI learning tools for students include tutoring systems, powerful AI feedback tools like Packback, and more. Teachers have access to AI-powered plagiarism detectors, grading support, student insight dashboards, and programs to help manage and provide feedback to their class.

What Are the Benefits of AI Tools for Students

AI learning tools like Packback provide numerous benefits for students across all age groups and ability levels like:

  • Personalized Learning: AI assesses individual student needs and tailors instruction, feedback, and recommendations to support each student’s unique learning needs.
  • Instant AI Feedback: Unlike waiting days or weeks for a teacher to grade assignments, AI tools provide students with real-time feedback as they work to immediately improve understanding.
  • Enhanced Engagement: AI has the unique ability to bring a sense of fun into the classroom by providing students with something to strive for. Take Packback’s Curiosity Score for example. Packback’s Curiosity Score gives students “Curiosity Points” based on the quality of their Packback Questions submissions. This scoring system motivates students to improve and participate more in class discussions, benefiting both themselves and their classmates by creating more dynamic discussions.
  • Improved Outcomes: An IRB backed study of Packback’s Discussion platform, Packback Questions showed that students who used our platform achieved 35% more A’s and B’s compared to the control group who were not under the guidance of an AI learning tool.
  • Increased Writing Confidence: Packback Deep Dives’ AI-powered writing feedback increased student writing confidence by 55% by providing helpful coaching for developing skills.

What Are the Benefits of AI Tools for Teachers?

AI tools for teachers come packed with several benefits to help educators streamline and enhance instruction, assessment, and classroom management. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced Grading Time: Teachers using Packback’s AI grading assistant spend 30% less time grading essays thanks to AI feedback that allows students to make corrections as they write. Automatic grading and plagiarism checks also significantly reduce workload.
  • Better Insights: Analytics dashboards with student data allows educators to reach out and provide feedback to struggling students.
  • Reduced Burnout: Packback uses AI to augment instructor grading, taking some of the burden of grading, correcting common writing errors, and moderating discussion assignments off of the educator.
  • Improved Outcomes: An IRB backed study of Packback’s Discussion platform, Packback Questions showed that students who used our platform achieved 35% more A’s and B’s compared to the control group who were not under the guidance of an AI learning tool.
  • Increased Satisfaction: 84% of faculty surveyed say they see a dramatic improvement in quality of class discussion and participation creating a more fulfilling experience for teachers.

What is the Future of AI in Education?

We are so early in the life cycle of mainstream accessible AI, but the future of AI in education is bright. In fact, some projections show the expected growth of AI in education to hit 50% by 2028. Here are some of the mainstream factors fueling projected growth:

  • A Solution to Bloom’s 2 Sigma Problem: Bloom’s 2 sigma problem states that students who receive consistent 1:1 feedback and tutoring are more likely to excel in the classroom. However, given the average size of most classes, it’s almost impossible for educators to provide each student with the support they need. AI can supplement that task and act as an extension of the teacher by providing detailed 1:1 feedback to students.
  • Advancement in Learning: As science and learning evolve, we are gaining new insights into the cognitive processes of students. AI can leverage these insights to provide optimized instruction techniques to fit each student’s needs.
  • Greater Accessibility: Accessibility and the gap in equity in education has been a problem for decades. However, widespread access to AI can help reduce the gap and provide students with the resources they need to be successful.
  • Widespread Acceptance: As research providing tangible proof of AI enhancing academic achievement and institutional performance accumulates, adoption will accelerate.

The rapid innovation occurring around AI in education falls in line with the innovation we’ve seen in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and more. While concerns around privacy, security, and job impacts may exist, in the classroom, AI acts as a tool to supplement teaching and support learning. By taking the tedium out of grading, AI allows educators to focus on connecting with and inspiring students.

At Packback, our mission is to harness Instructional AI to empower every student to be fearlessly curious, develop strong writing skills, and find their unique voice. We believe that AI can and should be used as a tool to help every student and every teacher.

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