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UNT Conducts Research on Impact of Packback on Asynchronous Discussion

A research study at the University of North Texas spanning three semesters evaluated the effectiveness of Packback on online discussions. By analyzing 14,500 posts from over 800 students, the researchers studied how Packback’s AI-assigned “Curiosity Scores” compared with a subject-matter expert’s assessment of a post. They also examined how instructor feedback via private coaching, public …

Curious About Packback: A Closer Look at Curiosity Scores

Central to Packback’s discussion platform is the Curiosity Score – which is based on students’ communication, credibility, and curiosity, infused in their discussion posts. This feedback is provided in real-time to students, as a virtual coach that guides them to write higher quality posts.

CEO Mike Shannon at the ASU GSV Summit

“We are reversing education’s fast-answer epidemic, reviving the life skill of asking great questions by awakening and fueling lifelong curiosity, no matter the scale.” Listen to our co-founder and CEO Mike Shannon discuss the mission of Packback at the ASU/GSV conference.

Student-Driven Discussions with Packback

At Packback, we believe when students are allowed to be curious and ask the big questions, they’ll be equipped with skills to become future innovators. Packback encourages students to explore classroom materials in a new way, which makes students more willing to engage and apply their learnings.