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Packback Deep Dives

Deep Dives helps every student build a strong foundation of writing and research skills. Through instant AI feedback, students have the opportunity to iterate on their work based on your specific assessment criteria. Instructors receive grading support from our AI grading assistant to help assess the writing mechanics of a piece, so you can focus …

A Chat About Packback Instruct with Co-founder Jessica Tenuta

Packback’s newest release Packback Instruct is a comprehensive add-on to the existing platform that gives instructors more power to support their students.

Packback Instruct

The Packback platform provides a suite of tools to help educators connect meaningfully with every single student in any size course, easily. Every feature on Packback is designed with scale in mind. Packback is used in classes as large as 2,500 students and as small as 10 students, and is designed to make any size …