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Exploring Packback: General Microbiology Students Discuss Vaccines

General Microbiology students at the University of Illinois at Chicago are focused on applying information from lectures and outside research to real-world scenarios. Each week the class uses Packback to share and discuss hot topics in science. One of the most active discussions explored how vaccines are perceived, their effectiveness and why some people distrust […]

The Sky is the Limit with Packback Questions

Brand Ambassador Jenna Baker shares about her experience with Packback Questions. Last semester, I took BIOS 350 (Microbiology), and my professor used Packback Questions to let our class explore our curiosity and collaborate with each other through structured, student-led online discussion. It also allows my professor to evaluate us on our curiosity and our interest […]

Refreshingly Different – Packback Questions Encourages Long-term Learning

The way in which I learn about specific concepts previously versus how I currently learn with Packback is refreshingly different. As a frequent Packback Questions user in my BIOS 350 Microbiology course, I have first-hand experience regarding the long-term learning that the system encourages through the structure it provides. I find myself actively learning, as […]