Promoting Student Engagement with Packback [Webinar]

At Packback, we’re dedicated to promoting student engagement no matter the subject, class size or student environment! Learn from one of Packback’s Senior Experience Managers on how instructors are using Packback to inspire student curiosity.   You’ll learn strategies for promoting student engagement by bringing Packback into the classroom, giving feedback, grading with the Curiosity Score and gamifying discussion with Section Small Groups.

Research shows that when students are engaged, curious and interested in the subject matter, their learning improves. According to the Fall 2018 Gallup Poll, engaged students are 2.5 times more likely to achieve academic success. They’re also 4.5 times more likely to say they feel prepared for their future. Out of the 342,670 students surveyed by Gallup, more than half (53%) self-identified as being not engaged or actively disengaged in class.

So what can instructors do to further promote student engagement in their classroom? Below are three techniques outlined in the webinar:


Hands holding heart illustration

Highlight great student questions and common misconceptions from Packback to start an in-class discussion.


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Set a minimum Curiosity Score for each post along with weekly posting requirements to incentive quality behaviors.


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Use Packback’s Section Small Group feature to encourage healthy competition between students.

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