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Featured Past Webinars

Peer Learning- Why It’s Worth It & How to Easily Implement It

Featuring Alex Gainer, The University of Alberta

There is strong evidence that peer learning is an effective way to motivate deeper learning in the classroom. In this webinar, Alex Gainer of the University of Alberta shares three strategies instructors can use to transition their class from the traditional chalk-and-talk lecture to an environment that encourages effective peer learning.

Using Technology to Improve Critical Thinking and Engagement

Featuring Packback CEO Mike Shannon, Dr. Kathleen West, and Dr. Kaston Anderson-Carpenter

Packback CEO Mike Shannon was joined by Dr. Kathleen West of UNC Charlotte and Dr. Kaston Anderson-Carpenter of Michigan State University. These two psychology professors shared how they’re using technology and positive reinforcement to improve students’ critical thinking skills, engagement and written communication.