How to Get the Most Out of Your Packback Discussion Community

Whether you’re teaching a class of 30 or 1,000 students, engaging your students through online discussion can be effective and manageable. Professors Paul Hillman and Jeffery A. Masters share how to maximize Packback’s engagement tools to create effective learning outcomes.

During this session instructors will learn:

  • Tips and tricks from two experienced Packback professors for getting the most value out of all the tools on the platform in their own courses.
  • How to synchronously use the different features offered within Packback to minimize the time they spend moderating online discussion and maximize student learning.
  • The benefits of using student-led, AI-powered discussion to inspire lifelong curiosity in their students.


Customer Success Team Manager, Kelsey Behringer, shares how to implement the Packback Method for guaranteed classroom success
Professor Jeffery A. Masters shares how he uses Packback to drives engagement through modeling and positive reinforcement
Professor Paul Hillman shares how he sets expectations when using Packback in a new class