On-Demand Webinar: Exploring Black Experiences in Higher Education

On February 24th at 12 PM CST, Dr. Akil Houston, Dr. Tyra Gross, Rakeeta Hampton, and Jasmine Marealle sat down with Packback to discuss their individual experiences as Black scholars and educators in higher education.

Watch the full-length webinar on-demand:

Highlighted Clips from this Webinar

“Don’t be afraid of your Blackness” ~ Dr. Akil Houston

Dr. Akil Houston: “I want to be intentional about recognizing the varying diversities that exist in my class.”

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“My students help me learn more about myself. They challenge me with their questions.” ~ Dr. Tyra Gross

Dr. Tyra Gross: “I noticed that because I noticed them, my students showed up that much more.”

“Going to a predominantly white institution was shocking initially.” ~ Rakeeta Hampton

Rakeeta Hampton: “I really started to understand the importance of representation, in a way that l never had to think about growing up in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood.”

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