On-Demand Webinar: How to Create an Engaging (and Manageable) Hybrid Course This Fall

On July 28th at 12PM CT, Dr. Scott Reynolds Nelson, Dr. Mark Reisinger, and Dr. Lauren N. Henley came together to discuss their experiences using Packback to facilitate dynamic learning experiences in their hybrid courses.

Watch the full-length webinar on-demand:

Highlighted Clips from this Webinar

“Critical thinking is everything behind what I do with Packback” ~ Dr. Mark Reisinger

Dr. Mark Reisinger: “You can’t even believe how awesome their posts are. It’s incredible, it really is.”

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“What control do we have by teaching in the traditional way?” ~ Dr. Lauren N. Henley

Dr. Lauren N. Henley: “Even if you’re standing in front of your students lecturing, you can’t actually control what they’re retaining.”

“My students were smarter than Blackboard allowed them to be” ~ Dr. Lauren N. Henley

Dr. Lauren N. Henley: “I will continue to use Packback because it creates a much better classroom dynamic both physically in the classroom and in the remote space as well.”

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