On-Demand Webinar: My Top 3 Fears When Adopting Packback

On September 14th, 2021, Kelsey Kramer, M.S, joined Packback to moderate a conversation around instructor perceptions of Packback prior to implementation. Dr. Stephanie Craig and Bryan McCarthy, DPhil also joined the conversation to share their thoughts around 3 common faculty fears when it comes to adopting a dramatically different approach to class discussion.

Fear #1: What will happen if I adopt a student-led approach to discussion?

“Students should be finding their own passions and interests.” ~ Dr. Stephanie Craig

Dr. Stephanie Craig: “One of the things that’s really important in my field is research questions. Their [students’] own interests should be student-led; it makes sense for the skills we’re trying to develop in our students.”

“Realistically, Packback is useful to instructors because it allows you to relinquish some control.” ~ Kelsey Kramer, M.S

Kelsey Kramer, M.S: “It should be up to the students what they’re interested in and what they’re posting. You really aren’t giving up total control; you still have access to student posts, you can help coach and moderate them.”

Fear #2: What if my students don’t like the platform?

“89% of my students said that they liked Packback.” ~ Dr. Stephanie Craig

Dr. Stephanie Craig: “I took a survey halfway through the semester and 89% of my students said that they liked Packback. I don’t think I have 89% of my students agree on anything.”

“The question is always ‘Will it do something other than just help me grade?’ ~ Bryan McCarthy, DPhil

Bryan McCarthy, DPhil: “What I tell them is that it [Packback] produces higher quality posts, especially now that it coaches them through writing a high quality post.”

Fear #3: Do I really want to let the platform help me moderate my class?

“The AI is there, but Packback’s team is there for us as well” ~ Dr. Stephanie Craig

Dr. Stephanie Craig: “It’s a great learning opportunity for the students. It’s really them learning to start putting things in their own words.”

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