On-Demand Webinar: Reclaiming Your Time

Time is one of the most essential resources in higher education—so why isn’t technology doing more to help faculty take advantage of it? On March 29th, Devyn Maguire led a conversation with Dr. Adam Fein and Dr. Jeremy Van Hof around the role of technology in empowering instructors to reclaim their time.

Watch the full recording and clips from the discussion to learn:

  • What are the most important things instructors can manage that technology can’t?
  • Why technology should eliminate time spent on rote, admin-heavy work to redirect time towards the most important actions for students’ benefit.
  • How to track time spent on daily tasks in order to rank work in order of importance by impact-to-student.

Watch the full-length webinar on-demand:

Highlighted Clips from this Webinar

“We can save more time by having more trust.” ~ Dr. Jeremy Van Hof

In this clip, Dr. Van Hof shares a key piece of his pedagogy– trust. Building trust in your classroom, Dr. Van Hof shares, is instrumental in fostering a learning environment where time is mutually respected, both by students and instructors.

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“If we can find tools that help us continue to teach at world-class quality but save time, particularly in a strategic way, then we’ll be interested.” ~ Dr. Adam Fein

In this clip, Dr. Fein discusses the role of balance in higher education. The many jobs instructors are tasked with can make it difficult to find an easy-to-follow, time-saving structure. So how can faculty balance research, teaching, and service effectively and without lessening the quality of work they are able to do?

“Why would I mute the voices of 600 students?” ~ Dr. Jeremy Van Hof

After the pandemic forced a sudden transition to online learning, faculty turned to online discussion as a place to create community. In this clip, Dr. Van Hof shares why many changes brought on by COVID, including adopting online discussion, will remain in place even after a return to in-person learning.

“Design your class in such a way that regardless of what the semester throws at us, you can carry on with the core instructional principles that you’ve set forth.” ~ Dr. Jeremy Van Hof

In this clip, Dr. Van Hof shares the importance of designing courses that are based in intentional course design. At Michigan State University, “resilient pedagogy” is guided by a predetermined set of tools that faculty use to design day-to-day course operations.

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