“Packback Gives My Students a Chance to Engage Safely and Without Hesitation” – Dr. West

On April 27th, Dr. Kathleen West, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Winthrop University, and Dr. Carlos Olivo, Assistant Teaching Professor of Chemistry at Colorado State University, joined Packback for a webinar about their experiences using Packback. Together, they shared how instructors use the AI-powered discussion platform to stay prepared in times of uncertainty.

Dr. Kat West began using Packback in face-to-face courses and continued once she transitioned to online. Dr. Olivo started using Packback online at the onset of COVID-19 and continued to use Packback in face-to-face courses during the fall ’21 semester. In this clip, they discuss the role of Packback in different teaching mediums.

“For students who are shy or hesitant to answer, Packback is a safe space to voice their thoughts.

~ Dr. Olivo

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