On-Demand Webinar: Instructor Experiences Using Packback in Face-to-Face Versus Online Classes

On April 27th, Dr. Kathleen West, assistant professor of psychology at Winthrop University, and Dr. Carlos Olivo, assistant teaching professor of chemistry at Colorado State University, joined Packback to compare their experiences using Packback and to share how instructors can use the AI-powered discussion platform to stay prepared in times of uncertainty. Watch this webinar to learn how Packback can support you when designing both remote and in-person courses, and both large and small courses.

Watch the full-length webinar on-demand:

Highlighted Clips from this Webinar

1. Using Packback in face-to-face versus online courses

Dr. West began using Packback in face-to-face courses and continued once she transitioned to online. Dr. Olivo started using Packback online during COVID-19 and plans to continue using Packback in face-to-face courses this fall. In this section of the webinar, they discuss the role of Packback in different teaching mediums.

“I use Packback for what I call ‘discipline-specific communication.’ I want my students to learn how to explain what they know.

~ Dr. West

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“For students who are shy or hesitant to answer, Packback is a safe space to voice their thoughts.

~ Dr. Olivo

2. Using Packback in large versus small courses

Dr. West has taught courses of anywhere from 20 to 300 students on Packback. Dr. Olivo uses Packback in his small introductory and honors level courses, with anywhere from 18 to 40 students. During this portion, Dr. Olivo and Dr. West compare how they use Packback according to the varying demands of teaching large vs small courses.

In a large lecture course:

“On Packback, I divide my really large courses into small subsections. It’s not as overwhelming to the student.”

~ Dr. West

In a small honors course:

“In my small classes, the expectations are higher.”

~ Dr. Olivo

3. Using Packback across disciplines

For Dr. West, using Packback in her psychology courses pushes students to make well-developed and unique arguments. For Dr. Olivo, Packback allows his chemistry students to understand how science applies to everyday life. In this section, Dr. Olivo and Dr. West share their experiences using Packback to teach students across two very different disciplines.

“We want our students to be able to see the application of the sciences into real world problems.”

~ Dr. Olivo

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