Webinar on Demand: So a Student Submitted Work Generated by A.I. Now What?

In this webinar, we look beyond detecting the use of AI-generating technology and discuss what to do after a student submits unedited AI-generated text. Packback COO Kelsey Behringer spoke with Dr. Bryan McCarthy, professor of philosophy at University of Pittsburgh, and Reed Dickson, Program Manager at Pima Community College, about how to handle students using A.I.-generated work.

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In this webinar, Dr. Bryan McCarthy and Reed Dickson discuss their experiences with students submitting AI-generated work, how to have a conversation with the students, and the future of AI technology in the classroom.

Webinar Slides

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This deck contains recommendations for how to spot AI-generated text, how to approach the conversation with a student who submits un-edited AI-generated work, and tips on preventing mis-use of AI.