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Creating Change-makers through Inquiry

Paolo Freire’s influential text, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” still holds the same truth and applicability to our modern education system as it did at its time of writing. This article explores the new relevance and urgency Freire’s work has taken within the context of the Black Lives Matter movement, and begs the question, “How can […]

Introducing Packback’s Instant Feedback

On July 8th, 2020, Packback released a major new feature, Instant Feedback, which elevates the detail, responsiveness, and depth of feedback provided to a student while they write their posts on Packback. This new feature represents a major step forward in the use of AI to support Mastery Learning at-scale through instant, non-punitive feedback, and […]

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Research on Packback’s Efficacy Highlighted in Recent OpEd by Mick Starcevich, Former President of Kirkwood Community College

Mick Starcevich, former President of Kirkwood Community College, recently published on an editorial in The Evolllution on the urgency for instructors to begin planning for high leverage changes they can make to their courses now to help ensure their courses are ready for possible remote delivery come fall.

Packback Instructor, Dr. Thomas DeWitt, featured in Forbes

Dr. Thomas DeWitt, Marketing instructor at Michigan State University, was recently featured in a piece in Forbes to share his experience as an instructor transitioning to online instruction and how he is continuing to innovate under the new constraints driven by COVID-19.

Packback Highlighted by Dr. Kathleen Ives in Inside Higher Ed

Dr. Kathleen Ives, former executive director and CEO of Online Learning Consortium, highlighted Packback recently in editorial piece contributed to Inside Higher Ed. The piece, “Moving Classes Online Is Hard. Online Discussion Can Help.” explores research on the ways thoughtfully implemented online discussion can lead to improved student outcomes.